Put The “I” Back In Thin!

Get ready for an amazing coaching program.

Simple and EASY Lifestyle Tools Make Permanent Results!
NOTICE: This is NOT a DIET. As you can see, the word “die” makes up the majority of the word diet. Diets are NOT permanent. Diets are NOT necessarily healthy. Diets deprive us of the foods we love and allow us to lie to ourselves, thinking that we can do this diet forever. Have you ever done that before? I have!

Diets Fail Where We Succeed!
Diets fail to address the emotional aspect for why people overeat or eat unhealthy foods. I have known many people through the years, who eat, to help deal with emotions, rather than because they’re hungry. I’ve done this too! Haven’t you?

It is a normal response to turn to food for emotional comfort, and to deal with negative feelings. The “crunching mechanism” alone reduces a huge amount of stress in our body and mind, but it’s what we choose to crunch on that creates much of the weight problem. Diets don’t solve the emotional eating problem; many times, it makes it worse. What you resist persists!

There were 17 legitimate long-term studies reviewed by Danish Researchers Ayyad and Anderson to determine if diets truly work. What did they find after reviewing these studies? 85% of the dieters failed. (Information found on PBS.org.)

Let’s be real with ourselves. The failure rate of most diets is astronomical, yet we continue to hop from one diet to another; I call this “diet hopping,” instead of “bar hopping.” When we hop from one diet to the next, we hold false hope that the next new scheme will prove to be the solution. When will we get it? Diet’s DON’T work! Did that … done that … finished!

One of the most important findings from reviewing these 17 studies was, “… that dieters who participated in group therapy or maintained contact with their diet clinic were twice as successful as those who did not.” (Information found on PBS.org.) This is one major reason why I created this profound coaching program. NOW I am taking it all to another level …

Through my own experience, success and most importantly my failures, I have found what works. I have learned the permanent solution to being thin, and I want to share it with you. Please don’t get me wrong, this program is NOT about me, it’s about YOU creating your own success, stopping the dieting, and living your life in the body you choose.

Yes, I have the solution. It’s NOT a quick fix, a fad or make believe. It’s real change that takes some effort, but it works permanantly.

If you’re game, let’s work together, and Put the “I” Back in Thin. Let’s focus on YOU to create a Permanent Quantum Shift within you, not just about how you eat, but how you live your live with purpose.

You ARE the “I” in thin. You are key to your success. No matter where you go, you are there. Once you learn how, this program will help you, your possibilities will expand, and you will become the naturally thin you. You CAN do it. Move any negative thoughts aside and invest in yourself. You are worth it!

This coaching program is for YOU. It’s a let’s get healthy program! It is SIMPLE to do, EASY to follow, and allows for Powerful Transformation. It will help you look at who you are now, and help you focus on who you will ultimately choose to become. Allow me to be your “Michelangelo” and help you chisel down and reveal the masterpiece that already exists inside of you.

You will NOT hear the same old strategies we have ALL heard before. This is NEW, and is NOT a traditional “weight loss” program, where you lose the weight and find it again later. I am sure you know as well as I do that many diets can help you lose weight, BUT, after losing the weight, we end up finding the FAT again, and usually end up with even more.

You Get What You Focus On:
We attract into our lives, whatever we focus on. Think about it, when we lose something, we don’t intend to lose it … right? The linguistics of the words “Weight Loss” implies that we don’t intend to lose weight… and if we do, our unconscious intent is to find it again, and we become heavy, once again. Although we do not like being heavy, at some level it is a comfortable place for us to be, and we have habits and patterns for it.

I have lost my keys before. I didn’t intend to lose my keys … but I did. Eventually, I found them again. Do you want to find your weight again, after you lose it? No, of course NOT! So why are we trying to lose weight? This program will help you refocus your attention toward the intent to be naturally thin!

This revolutionary program is a permanent solution, based on 3 powerful, doable and simple principles. Principles I have followed and have been successful with. They have worked for me and they CAN work for you.

1. We CAN enjoy eating and be thin! Food tastes good and we all CAN enjoy eating it, while making our favorite foods.

2. You CAN eat the same healthy way for the rest of your life, easily. You know you are on a diet when you are told to eat in “Phases.” Phases are the part of a diet that drastically restricts your eating at different extremes, during the diet. Phases make you change the way you eat and determines how much weight loss you will experience. I say NO to phases.

3. The magic that allows you to easily melt away the fat, and maintain your weight forever! This is the juice of the program. This program is worth taking, just for this one aspect of the program. We teach you how to become thin and make it meaningful and important enough for you to continue eating this way forever.

In order to accomplish your goals, and allow yourself to be thin, there must be glue that binds your intent with action, while making it easy to accomplish. This is what diets DON’T offer! You will learn what this is, and how effective it can be for you. You will NEVER have to go on a diet ever again.

This program helps you manifest a healthy body, mind and spirit. STOP focusing on being fat, and START supporting the inner YOU, and you will reach the success you desire.

This is much more than a coaching program. It is an opportunity to live a healthy life while bringing out the sparkle within you. Allow yourself to have this wonderful gift of health and well-being.

If you get nothing else from reading this information, remember that it is possible for you to be successful, happy and thin. Allow me to prove it to you!