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Anything is possible!: What you’ve been told about healing, change and transformation is all wrong! You and I have been conditioned to believe that changing anything takes hard work, struggle and pain if you really want to succeed. You’ve heard it all before, “no pain no gain!” Doctors tell us that some things are impossible to change.

This is what I used to believe until I discovered the truth; Anything is Possible! In upcoming posts, I will share with you some success stories that will prove this, but for now, just understand that what creates success is not hard work, struggle or pain. What creates success is knowing how to make huge changes quickly and easily.

Strategies DON’T Work! Here’s the problem. What everyone is teaching you, no matter if it’s Hypnosis, Reiki, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Meditation, or anything else, it’s all based in strategy. Working at the strategy level is not effective, but it WILL create hard work, struggle and pain for you. I am sure you are not looking for ways to make your life harder, right? It’s time to STOP the struggle and pain, and actually create results easily. To do this we must work at the higher levels of change.

Albert Einstein said, “No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.” In other words we need to work at a higher level than the level in which the problem was created. Our problems, stress, anxiety or anything else for that matter, is created at the strategy level. In order to change our experience permanently, we must make that change at a higher level. In Quantum Energy Transformation™, we go well beyond strategy and work at the higher levels of change; identity, purpose, possibility, and even unconditional love. By working at these higher levels of energy and change we can make changes in our life faster, easier and more permanently. When you shift at the higher levels, you actually are shifting your identity to become a person who no longer has that problem – stress, fear, anxiety or whatever is holding you back.

Can you feel the power? Can you see the possibilities?

What does Quantum Have to do with it? By now, you are probably wondering why I keep mentioning the word Quantum when we are talking about solving the stress and anxiety problem. No, I am not a scientist, but I have learned from the best scientists in the world including Bruce Lipton, Ph.D., how real change actually happens. Actually, Bruce was in my movie, “The Ultimate Answer is inside™,” as one of the expert guides who shares with us the science of cellular biology and how change really happens.

The science of cellular biology or what’s called, “Quantum Biology,” is all about information that is stored in your body at the cellular level in the form of packets of information. Now, we utilize this scientific information in a profound way to shift the stored problems located in our cells, using Quantum Energy Transformation™. Now we have the science and the process to actually shift in the Quantum Field. So don’t be surprised if I keep mentioning “Quantum” or the “Quantum Field” in future posts. I only mention it, because it works, and we now have the science to back it up!

Shift Happens! When we understand the difference between Incremental vs. Evolutionary change, we begin to really understand how it’s possible for change to happen quickly, and how our problems can resolve so easily using Quantum Energy Transformation™. I will teach you more about incremental change in future posts, but here is what you need to know now.

Incremental Change happens step by step. It’s when someone says to you it will take you 21 days to get a result or change a habit. It’s when a little bit of change happens today, and a little tiny bit of change happens tomorrow, and sometimes you get change, and other times you don’t. You may recognize this pattern from weight loss where people STRUGGLE to lose weight like with yo-yo dieting. This is how you know that incremental change is happening, and it sucks!

Evolutionary Change happens all at once. There are no steps or strategies that create the change, as the change is made at such a high level that all of the other levels below it actually change automatically. This kind of change is backed up by Albert Einstein, and is very quick and easy and comes WITHOUT hard work, struggle and pain. Problems transform quickly and sometimes instantly. This is like a smoker who quits smoking cold turkey and never picks up a cigarette again or those spontaneous remissions that happen with people who have cancer. This is how you know that evolutionary change is in effect here. It’s actually amazing!

Now let’s get back to shifting your stress and anxiety. Watch this video for more good stuff including my top 10 Steps for Reducing Your Stress. Then let me know by commenting below what you thought about this post and this video …

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