Depression, Stress and Anxiety

If you are depressed, stressed-out or anxious, you are not alone. But through hypnosis for stress and anxiety, you can dispel those feelings and achieve more in life.

Why use Hypnosis for Stress and Anxiety?Hypnosis for Stress and Anxiety

Depression, stress and anxiety have many causal factors and many symptoms in common. In fact, Hale Dwoskin, author of the Sedona Method, states in his audio program by the same name, “At least 75% of all illness is caused by stress and suppression.” We have been very successful in using hypnosis for stress and anxiety for many of our clients. These clients see even greater results when their treatment incorporates the power of Quantum Energy TransformationTM (QETTM). Our holistic anxiety treatments and alternative treatments for depression have and continue to achieve maximum results. By using hypnosis for stress and anxiety treatment, in conjunction with other powerful healing modalities, we have found even greater success.

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QETTM & Anxiety Treatments Can Get You Results — Faster.

When the body is in a relaxed state, it can begin to heal. Your mind will do the same. When our hypnosis for stress and anxiety is combined with QETTM, it creates a very effective anxiety treatment. Hypnosis is the first step in learning how to relax the body and all of your cells to reduce stress and release your anxiety. But it’s the way we do it that truly makes the difference.
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Alternative Treatment for Depression and Anxiety Addresses Physical Consequences as Well

Don’t let depression, stress or anxiety affect your life — there are alternative treatments for depression and anxiety that can help. We are taught that anxiety and depression are experienced in our minds. This is not entirely true. Humans are made up of cells, both mind and body, so the cells in the mind that experience the onset of depression and anxiety are not separated from the cells that make up the body. This is why depression and anxiety can manifest themselves in physical conditions, as well as mental and emotional.

These sensations activate the pituitary gland and affect the adrenal glands. These glands release hormones, in addition to adrenaline, that cause the muscles in the organs to squeeze and push blood into the muscles of the extremities. This body response is a natural consequence of depression and anxiety called the “Fight or Flight Response.” Our immune systems and our ability to think clearly are shut down, leaving us exposed to illness and other forms of “dis-ease.” If left untreated, these conditions will worsen.Don’t let depression, stress or anxiety affect your life — there are alternative treatments for depression and anxiety that can help.

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