Shift Your Habits and Reverse Negativity!


A major cause of stress and even anxiety, comes from the habits you have created and developed throughout your entire life. These habits either move you forward or hold you back. Many habits keep you in stress mode and unable to get out until the pressure builds so much that you must either pay attention, which is nearly impossible, or act out your emotions negatively, which is the likely scenario.

Since your habits are all unconscious, you may not even know they are happening at the time unless you pay attention to them. In Quantum Energy Transformation™, we call this “getting off of autopilot.” When you are no longer acting unconscious, you will then be fully aware of what and when things are happening in your life, and this will simply reduce your stress level big time! I’ll share more about “getting off of autopilot” in future posts, but for now, let’s focus on getting you a quick result today by reducing your stress.

What’s a habit? The way I look at habits may be quite different than you have ever heard before, but I assure you this perspective will be eye opening! Habits are stored cellular information, anchored to your emotions that fire off or trigger an automatic response within you, that get’s played out in your behavior without your consent or knowledge.


Habits are programs that you did NOT install yourself. Most, if not all of your habits have been installed into the cellular structure of your body by other people; Mom, Dad, siblings, other family members, babysitters, teachers, and other people of power who have affected your life, etc.

Is your life really yours or not? Well, based on what I just said, your life is not fully yours! Isn’t it time to get your life back, and take charge again?

Create the life you choose to have! Creating the life you choose to have and reducing your stress and anxiety level is much easier than you may think. I will teach you some concepts that will open up new possibilities for you, and get you thinking differently about your habits and who you are becoming, as a person who is stress and anxiety FREE. You are on the road to success right now. Keep moving forward and know you will soon have the life you choose in no time at all.

How do I shift my negative habits easily? I am excited to share with you what I know about resolving the stress and anxiety problem. I want to help you become completely free just like I was able to do for myself. Some very simple processes can make a huge difference in your life experience, by lowering your stress, and at the same time breaking bad habits and patterns that no longer serve you. There are quite a few processes that I have that are really amazing, and that I know will help you, but in this post, let’s just start with one.

Check out the video below and create some results for yourself right now. Let me know how it goes by commenting below.

Once you get started, in no time, you will start feeling more like yourself again, strong, happy and FREE.

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