Aren’t you Tired of Suffering from Allergies?


Finally, A Solution That Works!

Quantum Allergy Release™ – Safe and Effective

Release Your Allergies in Just Minutes – This
allergy elimination process helps people completely release allergies
and chemical sensitivities. This process is safe, easy and
non-invasive, unlike most other allergy methods. Other methods use desensitization, while Quantum Allergy Release™ simply releases the allergy all together.

On average, it takes about 5-10 minutes to release any allergy.
Although some allergies may take longer to resolve, the process is
simple and takes considerably less time than other methods. “From my 10
years of experience with this process, I have learned that once an
allergy is released, it never returns!,” Joshua Bloom.

“It’s Easy, Safe and Painless! … And best of all … NO Drugs!”  –Joshua Bloom

Traditional allergy treatments can be painful and fail much of the time.  Allergy shots and steroids have big consequences with little benefit.

Even many holistic therapies have huge drawbacks.  Many holistic treatments require that you stay away from the offending substance for a period of time (up to 3 days) after the procedure has been completed.

If you happen to come into contact with the offending substance during this period, you may have a serious reaction greater then normal to the offending substance. This is dangerous and unnecessary.

This methodology of abstaining from the offending substance is impractical in the “real world,” especially with allergies that could be life threatening. Even if we are careful and do our best to abstain from the offending substance, accidents happen. It’s absolutely possible to not even know it, until it’s too late!

Many food labels are not required to state that certain foods exist in the product. Besides, we usually eat without thinking, especially if we eat while watching television. Isn’t it likely that we may forget to abstain from this food especially if we like it? And did you know that many times we crave the foods that we are allergic to?

If you are allergic to anything outdoors, do you really expect that none of it will come into your home or worse, come into contact with you? Let’s be realistic! Grass may stick to someone’s shoes, especially if one forgets to take them off. And if you have kids, you know exactly what I’m talking about. Dust is already in the house and more comes in with other pollutants when the door opens to the outside. Are using these unsafe methods really a necessary risk when safer possibilities exist?

A New Discovery Can Help You Breathe Easy!

Joshua Bloom, has developed a revolutionary new method of “total allergy release,” and it’s available to you right now. This is not a treatment, it’s a solution.

Quantum Allergy Release™ is gentle, easy, and most importantly it works! It is drug-FREE, pain-FREE and non-invasive. It can be used safely with individuals regardless of how many times you may have failed in the past. His powerful method works whether you have a food allergy, seasonal allergy, chemical sensitivity, pet allergy or any other type of allergy … it just works.

Here’s What People Are Saying:

She Suffered for 30+ Years with Allergies … NOW She Is Completely FREE after ONLY One Class with Joshua

She Suffered for 30+ Years with Allergies … NOW She Is Completely FREE after ONLY One Class with Joshua

Cathy releases her allergies to cats and ragweed.

No More Medications, Decongestants or Terrible Allergies!

“My name is Diana Nason and I live in Ellicott City, MD. For the past 30+ years I have suffered with allergies to grass pollen and have been on a daily schedule of medications. I would begin each and every day with a dose of decongestant. Without this, I was unable to breath freely from my nose.

“During your program, you worked with me in releasing any and all blocks that were stored in my body related to this allergy. I must admit that I was skeptical. I have 4 years of allergy immunizations behind me with NO positive results. I felt that there probably wasn’t going to be very much that anyone could do to help me. It was through your program, your help and support, that I learned that healing comes from within myself. I had the power to free myself of the allergies all along. After many years of habitually taking a decongestant every morning, I’m still in shock when I wake up and I am able to breath freely. I no longer fear being outside on a beautiful summer day. I am truly free.”

She took the Come to The Edge! allergy elimination and Age Clearing™ class.

Christy Francis Heals from Lactose Intolerance. It was fast and easy.

Her Lactose Intolerance Vanished in ONLY Minutes!

“My name is Christy Francis and I am 17 years old. I had been lactose intolerant for many years. If I had a milk product, I would feel bad even if I took medication for it. The medication just didn’t seem to make any difference at all. All I knew was when my friends had ice cream, I wanted to join in the fun. Of course, I did anyway and just felt awful afterward. I lived with this problem not knowing that it was possible to change it. And little did I know, I could change it instantly.

“I came to see Joshua for success coaching when I mentioned that I was lactose intolerant. He asked me if I wanted to change it. I said ‘sure,’ and I think it took about 2 minutes for us to complete the process. That same evening I decided to test it out by eating ice cream with my friends. I had absolutely no reaction other than the ice cream tasted so good! It’s been about a 6 months now and I am still free. I thank Joshua for helping me and showing me that I can achieve anything.”