Quantum Healing

If you are looking for an alternative healing clinic specializing in energy healing therapy, you have found the right place.

The Quantum Touch Alternative Healing Clinic — A Safe and Nurturing Place for Energy Healing Therapy


Whether you are seeking holistic healing, personal growth or professional development, the Quantum Healing Center LLC LLC is the right choice for you. We are a Quantum Touch Alternative Healing Clinic specializing in Quantum Energy TransformationTM (QETTM) — a powerful method of energy healing therapy developed by the founder of our healing clinic.

This Quantum Energy TransformationTM is integrated into other well-known modalities of healing to increase the effectiveness of the program. We work with our clients to determine the right form of healing for each individual’s needs. There are a number of alternative healing options, some of which include Life and Business Coaching, Holographic Meditation, Positive Hypnosis, Usui and Seichim Reiki, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Sound Therapy, Quantum Touch and Emotional Freedom Technique. Each program is individually tailored to bring you the most effective treatment possible.

Call us to discuss your needs and to set up an appointment with our experienced Quantum Touch practitioners. Experience our energy healing therapy today.

Quantum Energy TransformationTM is a Powerful Healing Therapy for Many Conditions


Quantum Energy TransformationTM was developed by our founder, Joshua Bloom, and is based on scientific research and expertise. It is a life-changing process that helps build and maintain a healthy, whole and fulfilling life. It is uses the theater of the mind and grounds your body, while using the power of the senses to help attain growth, expansion and lifelong wellness. Ultimately, Quantum Energy TransformationTM activates the innate intelligence of the body to heal itself.

All processes start with a foundation. This is the understanding that everything we experience is energy and is stored within the cells that make up our bodies. We teach you how to process this information through our energy healing therapy — thus enabling you to move the energy through and sometimes out of your body, creating permanent cellular change. This is the ultimate goal of alternative healing therapies, and by combining Quantum Touch and QETTM with other modalities, our healing clinic is able to increase the effectiveness and enhance the outcomes for all of our clients.

Everyone is different. The Quantum Touch Alternative Healing Clinic specializes in personalizing programs to get optimum results. Don’t delay — let’s work on your healing and create success today.