Our Mission

The Quantum Healing Center LLC was created in 2002 in Fairfax, Virginia, and moved to Manhattan in 2006 to further its mission: to create the most powerful, meaningful and fastest healing experiences possible, while teaching this healing to students who would in turn spread the healing from person-to-person and family-to-family. It is important to us to have a positive impact on society and ultimately heal the world.

Where spirit meets science: We are here to build a strong community of like-minded people who are interested in helping themselves and/or helping others. Many members of the Quantum Healing Center LLC  will evolve by learning and growing through our healing school and Quantum classes. Others will receive individual healing sessions, to accomplish their own evolution; many will do both.

Learn about Joshua Bloom, founder of the Quantum Healing Center LLC 
Our Philosophy

At the Quantum Healing Center LLC, we honor you for who you are, and who you are becoming. The following are useful assumptions or presuppositions that we feel sum up our philosophy:

  1. We are all connected as ONE Energy.
  2. We all have the ability to connect to ourselves.
  3. When we are connected to ourself fully, we are connected to everything in the universe.
  4. Feeling this connection from within is an opportunity to experience this web of ONE that we are.
  5. This connection is what makes ANYTHING possible!
  6. Love is our natural state of being and is always flowing through us.
  7. I open up to the world and all of its wondrous possibilities.
  8. I move with the flow of life, as everything is unfolding exactly as it should.
  9. There is NO failure, only feedback.
  10. Life is my feedback.  Life is my playground.  I allow myself to evolve as I move through my life.
  11. The mind and body flow together as one. Shift one and they both change.
  12. I am in charge of my mind and body and, therefore, my outcome.
  13. Every choice we choose is the right choice in that moment.
  14. Each choice we make provides us with new learning, and an opportunity to evolve.
  15. All of life’s experiences can be an invitation for change.
  16. If one person in the world can do what I want to do, I can do it too!