My Amazing True Story!

Joshua Bloom has changed my life completely!

I know that’s a pretty bold statement, but let me share with you my story . . .

According to doctors and medical specialists, Fibromyalgia is incurable and can only be treated with pain medication.”

“My body was in constant pain. My legs felt like lead weights and just ached all the time. I was barely able to go to work. But since my visit with Mr. Bloom, I am FREE of ALL pain.”

“In fact, last year when celebrating my 50th birthday, I was like a whole new woman. While on the French Rivera and in Paris, we went for numerous walks, and climbed many, many stairs. Every day I would be on my feet for long periods of time as we went to museums and visited mountains. Then I turned around and did it again the very next day. Normally, I would be unable to get out of bed. Both my husband and I knew at this point that I was truly healed.” “Mr. Bloom’s kind and loving nature reflects the gifted healer and amazing facilitator he truly is. When you are in his presence, you feel his aura of unconditional love surrounding you.”

“He has developed a way of putting you into a state of being that allows you to create changes at the speed of thought. It is called Quantum Energy Healing. YOU are doing the work; Mr. Bloom helps YOU to help yourself.” “It’s been a year now since I released Fibromyalgia with Joshua, and my Fibromyalgia has not returned. I continue to walk FREE of any pain. If you’re willing to go for it, Mr. Bloom and Quantum Energy Healing can and will change your life. Are you ready?!”