The 100% Health and Wellness Manifester
Manifest Excellent Health and Live the Life of Your Dreams!

This program is worth everything! What you will learn from this program alone will absolutely change your life! With insights from the many famous authors, doctors and guides from “The Ultimate Answer is inside™” movie, Joshua Bloom explains how instant manifestation is possible. He even tells you how to achieve it.

Take your life by the reigns, and write it exactly the way you choose it to be, and then enjoy living it! By the time you are finished with this program, you will have a very different understanding of who you are, and what’s possible for you in your life.

“Take this journey with me, and engage the possibilities.” — Joshua Bloom


All Items in this package are in digital format for immediate download Not available on CDs.
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Item #1

Getting Your Life Back NOW …

Through the Quantum World of Possibilities!

This program is life-changing and a profound experience.

Have you ever felt stuck, where it seems like you’re in a rut, and it doesn’t matter if it’s emotional or physical — just nothing seems to change? How do you change what seems to be impossible, unlikely or extremely challenging?

Let’s say that what you have “now” is not what you want, and it needs to change! The real question is — how?

Is life just the ways it is? Are we stuck with the cards we’re dealt? Many people say, “It is, what it is just accept it.”

So, is life just the way it is… or can the laws of physics intercept our fate and bring in infinite possibilities?

Through the openness of space and light comes a stabilizing energy and higher frequency that brings in new possibilities called Quantum Energy Transformation™.

What seemed impossible before, is now possible, and becomes an opportunity to engage life in a brand new way. It’s time to live life to the fullest.

This energy shift allows us to become more of “who” we are capable of becoming. Dive in and see what you are capable of!

With Quantum Energy Transformation™ the possibilities are endless!
Quantum Energy Transformation™ is based on the latest science of Quantum Biology, the study of energy, entrainment and the power of instant manifestation.

Join Joshua, and experience the Quantum Field, ask your questions, and transform your life instantly!

In this program you will learn how:

  • anything can be possible.
  • evolution and manifestation work together to create your best life.
  • to Manifest anything without even trying.
  • to take your personal evolution to the next level.
  • to eliminate a trauma, problem or an issue in any given moment.
  • to stabilize your energy and instantly become strong and alive.
  • to create instant Quantum Shifts of Evolutionary Change.

Home Study Program – Training Experience 4 One and a half hour Training Experiences Recorded Live with Joshua Bloom. Listen at your convenience as you transform your life in the Quantum Field.
$800 Value

Item #2

Manifest Anything at the Blink of an Eye!

Manifestation is a science. Most of us can’t even fathom how it really works.

There have been books, movies and seminars about manifestation, but most of this information only leads us to our own frustration and failure.

You may even be asking yourself, “will someone please just tell us how it really works?” We all hope, pray and try everything to get what we want out of life. Through our struggles, it rarely works, and most of the time we fail.

What if there was a way to manifest anything with NO effort at all, and we could have whatever we choose to have in our life. What if that were possible?

Joshua Bloom teaches you the 3 principals of manifestation that make it possible for you ONLY to succeed! No matter what, you will succeed!

What’s possible for you? Learn how:

  • your possibilities are endless.
  • manifestation really works.
  • changing your energy changes your signal to the universe.
  • to strengthen your signal and have it all.
  • to STOP the struggle and live the life of your dreams.

Video Presentation 52 Minute video presentation with Joshua Bloom Digital product available for immediate download. $139 Value

Item #3

Discovering the Science of Quantum Manifestation.

Learn the secrets and principals of Quantum that allow anything to be possible.

With excerpts from the stars of “The Ultimate Answer is inside™” movie: Bruce Lipton, Bernie Seigel, Norm Shealy, Donna Eden.

It all starts with your energy. Do you have an energy that attracts and manifests your dreams Through the understanding of Quantum Time, Space and Energy Frequency, you will discover how easy it is to manifest anything.

There are NO steps, strategies or struggles to get in your way. It’s simple, powerful, and even profound to the point where anything becomes possible.

Whether you choose to have more money, a better relationship, a new job, or anything, Joshua explains how you can have it all without effort. Joshua also says that most people work backwards, and sabotage any possibility of manifesting anything and don’t even know it. By working forwards, you are moving forward in your life and this builds momentum making it easier and effortless to manifest anything.

You will learn:

  • How to manifest anything easily, instantly and with NO effort.
  • How to Manifest your dreams at the highest level of consciousness.
  • How Einstein’s “State of Consciousness” Theory works in alignment with how manifestation actually works.
  • How changing your energy is faster and more effective for magnification than everything else you have
      ever tried.
  • Why people get sick, and how you will now manifest health.
  • Why strategies don’t work and are a waste of your time.
  • Why Joshua’s Manifestation Process works, and how all other methods don’t even compare.

Audio Training MP3 One and a half hour Training Experience with Joshua Bloom Digital product available for immediate download. $50 Value

Item #4

Holographic Manifestation

This process will easily help you to manifest anything by putting what you choose to have, in your hologram.

Rather than feeling stuck, and not moving forward, allow this process to help you shift everything. It’s your Hologram! It’s time to design it!

As you begin this Guided Connection™ process, you will be taken on a journey that exists deep inside of you. As you explore and experience the moving energy through each of the cells of your body, you will feel the transformation enliven you to spark the manifestation of wondrous new possibilities.

This process works at the level of identity, as it raises your energy frequency permanently and processes anything blocking you from having what you want.

As you know, the inside of you reflects what you experience on the outside.

Use this deeply healing and transformative process to create the life you desire from the inside out!

Transformation Process – Guided Connection™ – Audio MP3 Recorded and produced by Joshua Bloom – 20 Minutes Digital product available for immediate download. $39 Value

Item #5

Transform Anything Now!

Ever wanted to make a quick change in yourself or transformation? This Guided Connection™ helps you do just that! It’s Easy!

With this powerful process, you will:

Delete, release or take out anything from your personal hologram that NO longer serves you.

Increase your energy frequency quickly and permanently with the help of your higher self.

Shift your identity to become a person who manifests instantly and easily.

Become the you, you know you can be, and evolve in the now.

Transformation Process – Guided Connection™ – Audio MP3 Recorded and produced by Joshua Bloom – 11 Minutes Digital product available for immediate download. $25 Value


Item #6

The Instant Money Manifester

Money is energy, and representative of what you feel you deserve in your life. Are you creating all that you deserve?

We all want more money. We all want more things. We all want that one special person to love. We all want what we want, don’t we? Instead of wanting, Could you allow yourself instead, to have?

It’s easy to do, and is quick to create results. This fast and magical process helps you attract money into your life quite differently than anything else you may have tried before. It invites you to consider new possibilities, that helps you create powerful shifts within you.

Amplify the amount of money you can attract into your life now!

Transformation Process – Guided Connection™ – Audio MP3 Recorded and produced by Joshua Bloom – 24 Minutes Digital product available for immediate download. $39 Value

Item #7

Instantly Release Traumatic Events

Rather than experiencing slow incremental change, this is a powerful opportunity to experience quantum leap.

Have you ever experienced a trauma? Actually, most of us have, many times in our lifetime. Unfortunately, we were not given an owners manual that teaches us how to delete or erase our traumatic events that are stored in the cellular memory of our bodies.

This video presentation is the owner’s manual to releasing our life-long traumatic events instantly! If you have ever wanted to feel better, lighter, happier, and embody more energy, this program will surpass your expectations and will take you on a journey of a lifetime!

This extremely detailed video presentation will teach you how to release your traumatic events with ease, in this easy to understand training experience. We will explain precisely how and what to do to release trauma, and we’ll even show you examples and demonstrations that will drive home understanding, making this program simple to follow and easy to achieve extraordinary results.

We invite you to experience a deeper level of change, as we teach you Quantum Energy Transformation™.

Bonus: Video Presentation 53 Minute video presentation recorded live with Joshua Bloom Digital product available for immediate download. $149 Value

Bonus #1

Stress Eliminator

It’s commonly known that at least 75% of all illness is caused by stress.

Best selling author and leading Quantum Biologist, Bruce Lipton says, “Here is the problem in today’s world, there is no escape and therefore there is no getting out of stress. The stress is chronic, which is where we live today.”

We are all continuously undermining our system by using up our vital energy and closing down our immune system by living in stress. Instead of being in growth where the body is strong and self-healing, we live in protection, where we are lucky if we don’t get sick; the crossroads where stress turns into disease.

Joshua Bloom offers a new possibility! He has created a process that easily gets us back into our growth and strength where we have the ability to heal, repair and get well. Living in this place will prove to have a positive effect where we get to live a long healthy life.


Learn to Release your stress in just 2 minutes. This process takes transformation to another level. Not only will it help you release your stress, it will also help you release trauma instantly. It’s easy and it works!

Anyone can do it, Even a child: Many of Joshua’s Students use this process to live a Stress-FREE, happy and healthy life! Although it’s a simple process, the results are quite profound and Learn to get out of stress instantly!

In just 2 minutes you will feel:

  • Your stress effortlessly leave your body.
  • Energized and Relaxed at the same time.
  • More alive, lighter, stronger and free.

Bonus: Video Presentation 25 Minute video presentation recorded live with Joshua Bloom Digital product available for immediate download. $50 Value

Bonus #2

Affirmations Don’t Work! Joshua Shows YOU What Does!!


There are more myths about affirmations today then there is good information about them. In this audio experience, Joshua sets the record straight. You may be taken by surprise when you discover that affirmations really DON’T work the way we think they do. Actually, if used in the wrong way, affirmations can easily backfire and cause more havoc than it’s worth.

In this break through audio presentation, Joshua shares the many downfalls when using affirmations in the wrong way, and how to use them in ways that will produce outrageous results beyond what you may think is possible.

Although it may be surprising that what we all have been taught throughout the years about affirmations has been completely wrong! … But, it’s true!

Even today experts are saying that you must formulate the right affirmation specifically for you, in order for affirmations to work. BUT, this is NOT true either. People all over the world are over-complicating the use of affirmations by muscle testing them, revising them, and coming up with the perfect one. Joshua says by the time you have done all of this nonsense, he could have created the result many times over.

The question is, “Do you want the instant result, or would you prefer to work through affirmations hours on end?”

Through the instant transformation of the participants in this presentation, you will witness exactly how to use Affirmations in a brand new way that will be instantly transformative and deeply life-changing.

You will be amazed by this experience whether you think affirmations work, or NOT! You will be introduced to two women, one who thinks affirmations work quite well and another who thinks they don’t work at all. You will discover how both women realize that there is a much better way, and through their experience, you will learn how affirmations can truly work instantly. NO more saying them over and over gain. No more wondering if they will work or not. No more waisted time trying to get them to work. Now you will be able to create instant success and transformation using affirmations in the most brilliant way that works every time!

Bonus: Audio Training MP3 1 Hour audio presentation recorded live with Joshua Bloom – Digital product available for immediate download. $50 Value

Amazing Bonus

Membership Center with Unlimited Access.

Institute for Quantum Energy Transformation™

Joshua and his team are making themselves available to you 24/7 for the next 30 days, for YOU to ask them your questions, and take your learning to another level?.

Joshua has been known to give, give, give! He loves helping students transform, evolve and become the person he knows you can be.

When you have a question about your transformation or any part of your program, Joshua will be there to guide you, and help you succeed! Get started NOW with this powerful BONUS Feature.

Question Center : Internet Access to your own personal Membership Center account. Ask Joshua Bloom your most profound questions and have access to him and his team 24/7. $400 Value

About Joshua Bloom

Internationally Acclaimed Trusted Authority on Quantum Healing, the Executive Producer of the film, “The Ultimate Answer is inside™,” and the host of the Internet TV Show, TheQuantumShift.TV, Joshua Bloom, has been featured on the front page of The Washington Post as one of the first coaches ever to be featured in the mainstream media.

Author of How to Heal Yourself Instantly, among many other audio and video programs, Joshua is doing what most people would consider being impossible.

He assists clients in completely releasing ailments such as fibromyalgia, pain, anxiety, fear, depression, allergies, Migraine Headaches, Attention Deficit, and much more. Additionally, he trains students to heal themselves and helps others do the same in his Come To The Edge! Certification Program.

After a few weeks I found Joshua Bloom and his work remarkable! I am noticing such profound changes after experiencing “Being Quantum™” and the different exercises that Joshua is presenting. I feel like I am a different person altogether. My Identity has changed!
Thank You Joshua!
-- Kari Arneberg, Norway
The material Joshua teaches us is truly transformational.
-- Jan Firstenberg, New York
My personal transformation, including eradicating physical pain as well as limiting beliefs, all cleared on a cellular level. I applaud Joshua Bloom on his development of this modality and his great teaching ability!
– Niki Flessas, Wisconsin

All Items in this package are in digital format for immediate download Not available on CDs.
Due to the Nature of this Offering and these Electronic Products, there will be no refunds. All Sales are final.


What if Anything Were Possible? …

What if All the Resources and Information to Tackle Your Biggest Issues Were at Your
Fingertips Instantly?

What if you could manifest anything easily now?

Discover the Quickest, Easiest, and Most Life Changing Quantum Tools Available Anywhere!

No More Trying to Figure it Out! No More Searching for Answers Just Transformation and FREEDOM NOW …

You become the catalyst for yourself and others …

No matter why you have come, this program works and will deliver
the most amazing results. This program offers unlimited potential.

People are now calling Quantum Energy Transformation™ a modern-day miracle.
Quantum helps you produce outstanding and permanent results. It goes well beyond technique, and facilitates your overcoming troubling emotions, will STOP cravings and addictive habits, transform relationships, and will even release your physical conditions.

Quantum Energy Transformation™ is fast to learn and only takes a few minutes to start getting results. It’s effective, easy … and just about anyone can learn to create these fantastic outcomes.

Joshua has taught from his HEART. He has inspired me to transform and evolve into the NEW ME, who is calm, aware, confident, focused and following the direction in life I have put off for so long; with vision, clarity and joy. Thank you so much, Joshua, for guiding me to this wonderful place, within me. I am no longer troubled about my relationships with others. If I am triggered by anything or anyone, I go into BEING BUANTUM™ and the problem is released. For the first time in my life the mind chatter that used to drive me crazy is minimal!
– Denise Davies, Cyprus
I have enjoyed your program soooooo much! It’s amazing Being Quantum™. I had pain in my teeth and had been to a wonderful Holistic dentist who took time to explain all the issues going on in my mouth, and how much work needed to be done to correct them. It was going to cost thousands. Five or Six weeks later, I had realized that I had felt no pain in my mouth for at least a month. Wow! I truly feel my teeth issues have been cleared with Quantum. Joshua is such a generous and patient teacher and coach. I will always be grateful for the opportunity to have learned from him. I would recommend this to anyone and everyone!
-- Miranda Camp, Hawaii
Prior to listening to Joshua Bloom, I was suffering from an imbalance in my ear for 6 months, and traditional treatment did not make any difference. After listening and going through his process, Quantum Energy Transformation™, in an online workshop, that night, I was surprised that when I got up from the computer, I had no dizziness at all. Even the next morning when I got out of bed, my dizziness was gone and I felt great. That was 2 1/2 months ago and I have not had any imbalances since.
-- Hani Sidler, Florida

All Items in this package are in digital format for immediate download Not available on CDs.
Due to the Nature of this Offering and these Electronic Products, there will be no refunds. All Sales are final.