Joshua Bloom

Joshua bloom “When miracles seem impossible, I help people heal themselves instantly, through the science of energy,” Joshua Bloom.

Internationally Acclaimed Trusted Authority on Quantum Healing and the Exeuctive Producer of the film, “The Ultimate Answer,” Joshua Bloom, has been featured on the front page of The Washington Post as one of the first coaches ever to be featured in the mainstream media.

He has been featured internationally on both radio stations and TeleSeminars. Joshua has produced and developed his own certification training program called Come to the Edge!, and is planning to create the Quantum Healing Center LLC Network, a television station on the internet that offers uplifting television programming as well as powerful information on the subject of Quantum Healing.

A master in many arenas, Joshua has developed his own healing modality called Quantum Energy Transformation™, a way of being called Being Quantum™, a healing process called Age Clearing™, his own reiki modality named Being Reiki™, and an allergy elimination process called Quantum Allergy Release™.

Author of HOW TO HEAL YOURSELF INSTANTLY, among many other audio and video programs, Joshua is doing what most people would consider to be impossible. He assists clients in completely releasing ailments such as fibromyalgia, pain, anxiety, depression, allergies, eczema, rosacea, and much more. Additionally, he trains students to heal themselves and help others do the same.

Joshua is a Master Life and Business Coach, a Neuro-Linguistic Programming Master Practitioner and Master Facilitator through Portals Passages, a Certified Hypnotherapist through the American Board of Hypnotherapy, a trainer of hypnosis through the International Hypnosis Federation, a certified practitioner of the Emotional Freedom Techniques, a Master Teacher in Being Quantum™, Seichim and Usui Reiki, and founder of the Quantum Healing Center LLC.

“I believe that anything is possible and everyone has the power to live as who they are capable of becoming.
Joshua works with an international clientele.
Joshua can work with you no matter where you live.”