Being Reiki™ — The New Reiki Paradigm

We all have a light inside. Everything that we learn through our Being Reiki™ experience brightens what
is… already inside of you! You and reiki are not separate. Being Reiki™ is not about something that is outside of you – it is what’s inside of you that enflames your growth and opens you to a larger experience of
change and evolution.

Traditional Reiki: Reiki is a traditional Japanese healing modality that treats a person step by step and incrementally. It follows a procedure that has the practitioner place hands on a person’s body using hand positions and symbols. There is much importance placed in the utilizing of these hand positions that can take up to an hour-and-a-half to complete the protocol. The objective of the hand positions is to cover the entire front and back of the body bringing wellness to the subject’s entire body. Another important aspect of traditional reiki is the use of secret healing symbols. It is said that Dr. Usui received these secret symbols in 1922 during a mystical experience on Mt. Kurama. Each symbol has a special purpose, and when used with the hand positions, it is supposed to amplfy the practitioners intention. The majority of healing schools teach reiki with a huge focus on memorizing the symbols and learning these hand positions making their learning process an extremely analytical process.

If you are in your head analyzing, you are not in your body connecting to yourself, spirit and healing. You could probably tell that just one healing session takes a long time as well.

Being Reiki™: Our approach to reiki is quite different and offers a new paradigm for change at the levels of identity, spirituality, and unconditional love. We teach reiki as a way of being that promotes change within ourselves and others. Our program is an invitation to open up space inside of you, allow movement, flow, and experience universal life-force energy in vast amounts — as it flows through you and around you. Our invitation to you is to introduce openness and healing within yourself, which can then be introduced as an invitation to others from energy field to energy field. You ARE reiki — the power that comes from this perspective has unlimited possibilities! Rather than experiencing incremental change we offer an opportunity to experience an evolutionary quantum leap.
What’s possible for you?